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Small, flesh-colored bumps on wrist and back of hand (no itching)

I just got back from a Convenient Care visit where the Physician's Assistant told me that I have contact dermatitis. However, I'm skeptical about that diagnosis because the little bumps on my right wrist and back of my hand are neither irritated nor itchy and they're very slowly multiplying over a few days despite me not having any new substances in my regular routine.

Five days ago I had an allergy skin test done on my left arm. The next day, I noticed this small bump (looked like a mild, flesh-colored ant bite) on my right wrist (opposite side from the testing, also, I'm right-handed). I put a band-aid over it to help keep it out of sight and mind and took a Benadryl before bed that night thinking that, if it had anything to do with the testing the day before, the Benadryl would get rid of it.

Now, four days from first noticing it, there's another small one next to it, one on the side of my arm, one on the back of my hand, and it looks like another two forming (other side of the arm and another on the back of my hand).

They're smooth and firm flesh (no liquid visible underneath). You can find pictures here:

I won't have a chance to see my dermatologist for at least a week and I don't want to spread something potentially contagious. I'm also talking oral prednisone tablets for 6 days (from the PA at Convenient Care) and don't want to be taking an a strong steroid if it's not going to do anything.

I've been scouring the web considering warts, litchen nitidus, candida, mulluscum contagiosum and I'm at a loss...
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