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Small mostly flat white spots on penis head and inside of foreskin


Over the past few months, I have noticed the appearance of small mostly flat white spots on my penis head and the inside of my foreskin. I noticed only one spot to begin with, on the underside of the glans, but am now noticing other spots on the inside of my foreskin.

If I look very closely under strong light, the skin is irregular (very slightly scaly) over the spots. They are not really raised, but I can feel them very very slightly if I pass my finger over them, so they are not perfectly flat. There is no discharge or smell as far as I can tell, and no itching. As I mentioned, the spots are white-ish, or at least paler than my skin. The spot on the head of my penis is more apparent when it is erect and therefore redder. It seems as if there is something under the surface of the skin when I poke at the spots. I haven't tried pricking them with a needle or anything like that.

The first spot appeared a few months ago and hasn't much changed in appearance since then. Perhaps become a bit smaller. Now I have noticed four more similar spots, on the inside of the foreskin this time.

This doesn't match with any STD I know of. I have looked at lots of photos of genital warts, herpes, etc and do not recognize these spots. I received the Gardasil vaccine around two years ago, and was tested for STDs (negative) a year ago, when I was diagnosed with and treated for prostatitis, after which I have had no new partners. I have no reason to think my partner has been wandering. I am heterosexual, in my early 30s, no other health problems.
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I forgot to specify that the spots are 2-3 mm in diameter, and raised by perhaps half a millimeter.
Actually, after checking again, it's more like the skin is hard and rough in those spots than there being anything under the skin.
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Fungal infection
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