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Small Flesh(ish) Colored Bumps on Penis Head and Other Misc Locations

For at least the past 2 months or so, I've had the same (nearly unchanging) bumps on the top of my penis. I've also began to notice (in about that same time frame) that the top of my feet have small bumps/ little clusters of bumps that seem to have the exact same consistency. The back of my forearm also seems to have tiny bumps, again, with the same exact consistency. NONE of them hurt in any way, nor cause any other negative effects that I directly notice. The ones on my feet tend to itch just a bit, usually only after I have taken my socks off by the end of the day (which I assume would be somewhat normal). Otherwise, there are no direct impacts that I notice. Here are links to pictures of the bumps on my feet, penis, and forearm.

1.) http://imgur.com/YN9v3Eo,52s3vdU,Cpsum2b
2.) http://imgur.com/YN9v3Eo,52s3vdU,Cpsum2b#1
3.) http://imgur.com/YN9v3Eo,52s3vdU,Cpsum2b#2
4.) http://imgur.com/t7UAPsQ,ZRdRLPF,UYPR8qH
5.) http://imgur.com/t7UAPsQ,ZRdRLPF,UYPR8qH#1
6.) http://imgur.com/t7UAPsQ,ZRdRLPF,UYPR8qH#2

The first bumps that I actually noticed were the ones on my penis. The others I began to notice after. For at least 2 months or so (possibly a little more) there has been almost no change to any of the bumps pictured.

As a side note, I notice one or two single bumps in random other places (again, with what seems to be the same consistency). None of these are as noticeable as the ones I've pictured.

I'm 27, male, in decent health. I work a very physical production job. I do have anxiety problems with my health, which I've had on and off for years. I've been much better in recent years, but the past few months I find myself all "worried" again. If there is anything I can help to inform with, please let me know. I really just want to know what these bumps are.
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Thanks for posting your query.

I can understand your concern for the painless non changing bumps on penis, forearm and dorsum of the foot.

I have checked the photographs and from the symptoms and photographs the possibility of flat warts should be ruled out. For the same you should consult a dermatologist and get them examined.

Flat warts which are caused by HPV tend to stay small in size but can be numerous in quantity. They are usually painless and go away on their own, sometimes taking a few months to resolve. They are raised, smooth, skin-colored bumps which are commonly found on legs, arms, back of hands, penis or face.

There are many methods of treating the flat warts. For small warts, several medications are available, which can be applied directly to the surface of the warts. Other treatment options include electrical cautery, surgical removal, Carbon dioxide laser treatment and electrodesiccation. However to confirm the diagnosis you need to get them examined from a dermatologist. Mostly they can be diagnosed by physical examination but if the diagnosis is uncertain then a skin biopsy can be done.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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