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Small, black and pimple-like bump remains on my cheek for 6 months and won't go away

I'm a teenager and one day a dark, large pus-like pimple swelled on my cheek (I have fair skin). It was quite big and felt painful to touch. After about 4 months it has swelled down smaller and wasn't painful to the touch anymore. During that time I have been applying acne cream and other anti-acne products to help it swell down. It now has been six months and it has become the size of a small mole and has become a dark shade of black. It doesn't hurt at all to touch it and almost has no head or lump. However, it remains as a black mark that can even be seen far away on my face. I've been cleansing my face and applying all of these recommended anti-acne products and it doesn't seem to fade away. My mum wants to pop it by poking it with a needle and just using her fingers. She says the gunk is just stuck under my skin, and it would get deeper into my skin and also leave a scar if it doesn't get extracted soon. Is this true? She also says I don't need to see a dermatologist? Would it go away on its own or should I just let my mum extract it? Would it be harmful if it was left there any longer? What can I do to get rid of it?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  It is hard for us to come between you and your mother in terms of what your guardian feels is appropriate care for you.  We don't want to interfere. But to be perfectly honest, a dermatologist would be best.  They may have a way of removing it that will minimize the potential to cause scaring or a large pore afterwards.  And they may give you some skin care pointers that will last.  However, if your mom is set on trying to take care of this herself, I think you could use a warm compress over it to loosen it up and then allow her to try.  But stopping if it is hurting or becoming non helpful (doesn't come right out). The black is supposedly dark sebum that has turned the color due to air exposure.  They do also make small-size schamberg-type comedone extractor that could be purchased online or at the drug store.  Again, a dermatologist would be best but your mom can likely handle it as well.  Let us know how it goes.  There could be a pit after which is pretty normal.  It should get better with time.
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