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Small circle rash in groin area

On Monday (5 days ago) I noticed a small round pale pink circle on my inner thigh on the right side. It blanches when stretched or pressed. Appears to have a small pinprick size red dot in center, otherwise is uniform in color. Does not itch, hurt, or flake. Is not chafed, raised or swollen in the least. Does not appear to have grown since I have notice, or if it has, only very minimally.

It is located where the skin of the thigh and the pubic area touch, but is on the thigh area only, just at the edge of the line separating the two. Pubic side is clear. One would think that since those areas touch constantly it would have spread there, which it has not.

Would not have noticed it if I had not happened to have seen it. The red dot in the center made me think of a bug bite, but the lack of swelling or itch did not seem to go along with that idea. Also, have not been outside much and would seem unlikely this would be the cause. One would also think that it would have diminished in size more by this time.

A month ago the whole area where the skin of the thigh touched the pubic area was red. Exactly followed the outline of where the skin touched. That, I figured out, was due to the fact that I was probably not rinsing the Dial soap off completely when I showered (had noted soap residue but figured it would not be a problem, apparently it did). That rash disappeared immediately (1 day) and now I rinse completely and have had no further rash like that, so figured I was right. This is different. I thought it might be ringworm due to its shape and for 3 days have been applying Clotrimazole 1% twice a day. Have not seen much of a change, but am not sure if I would see a change so soon. Also have seen you say not all ring rashes are ringworm. Also, this does not itch, is not growing rapidly, and is uniform in color (not clear in the center).

If it helps, I have not had a sexual contact of any kind for over 6 months, am 50 years old, and note no other problems out of the ordinary. I use a fresh towel each time I shower (twice a day) to prevent reinfection. Dial antibacterial soap for showering. Fresh underwear each day, however, I do often wear the same pair of jean for 2 or 3 days in a row and this spot is just at the outside of the area that is covered by my jockey briefs so would make contact with the jeans, Not sure if that is pertinent or not. Maybe am recontaminating the site that way. Not sure.

Money is very tight at the moment and since this does not appear to be a life threatening problem, I would like to try a topical solution first. Would be interested in knowing if you think an antibiotic salve, a hydrocortisone cream, or the Clotrimazole cream (or another antifungal agent?) would be the best, and if that does not work what would be your second choice. As I said, I am not losing sleep over this, but would be relieved to see it disappear. :)

Thank you in advance for your very kind advice and time.
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Sounds like a blocked pore, nothing more.  I suggest you leave the spot alone, apply an antibiotic salve, and watch it slowly disappear, as I expect it will.  It certainly does not sound like a fungus.


Dr. Rockoff
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