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Small dark spots on scrotum - some bleeding!?

I've noticed 3 or 4 quite small dark spots on my scrotum.  No pain or bumps.  At first I didn't think much of this, although I have recently been with a different partner.  But once in the shower while masterbating, one of the spots began to bleed!  Not alot but enough to notice, and has since not reoccured.  Only other symptom I have had at about the same time is a jock itch & sticky feeling in my groin area.  My dermatologist prescribed Protopic .1% for this, which has helped but this reoccures if I stop using the cream.  What are the spots, and should I be tested for any STD??  Will the cream eventually stop the jock itch?  Thanks.
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Dark sumps on the scrotum are often angiomas, benign collections of blood vessels.  These are common in middle-aged men.  Your dermatologist can tell you for sure.  I have only very rarely had to cauterize them to stop bleeding, but that's easy to do if needed.  Protopic is a nice and effective nonsteroid for the groin.  If it works, you should use it as needed.


Dr. Rockoff
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