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Small red, shiny spots on the left underside of my penis towards the base

So about two weeks ago I noticed small red spots under my penis mostly coming out of spots where a hair follicle was bc each spot had a hair coming out of it. They do not hurt, tingle, or itch. I do not experience pain when I pee and the spots are not raised. They are flat and smooth with a shiny appearance to them. I have recently partaken in unprotected sex with my girlfriend. I also noticed that the red spots occurred after either a night of sexual intercourse without showering (so maybe a fungal infection?) or after a long 5 mile run and a prolonged few hours in between before showering. I've definitely seen similar things on my penis before but they disappeared, but this time there are a few more spots. About 8, all on the bottom left side of my penis which happens to be the way my penis dangles or lays naturally. I've been searching the Internet for answers but am completely stumped and fairly terrified of what it may be. After washing with soap in the shower and applying anti fungal cream I have noticed the smaller bumps disappearing, but there are three of the larger spots that appear dry but have not changed much. The surface area around them seem to be flaking slightly, but no scabbing or pain. Any ideas?
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