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Small red spots, beginning Actinic keratosis?

Dear Sir/Madame,

I have discovered a small red spot just below the hairline near my left temple and a few less bright red spots on the top of my head between my hair. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me whether this is something that could be or become serious or whether it can be normal to have these. These spots have been there for a while now (at least 1 year for most and some maybe even 2 years) and in general don't bother me, besides being just making me a bit worried. I'm a 25-year old male with no medical history.

About half a year ago I went to my GP about this issue, he inspected the skin on my head, but was not alarmed by the spots. Then again he also could not really explain what they are. I do have the slight feeling that the spot on my temple (shown in picture) has become a bit more red though. As I have personally been looking around on the internet (yes, I know its bad, but you cannot help it) I had the feeling/impression that Actinic Keratosis might also look like these spots in the beginning. Then again can these even be formed between hair and this early considering my age? I do have a fair skin though, but I'm not really fond of exposing myself or sitting in the sun. Also they do not hurt, itch or blister/have scales as far as I can see. The one on my temple does seem to be a bit different inner colour, but maybe I'm just overreacting and see things I fear to see (please look at the picture).

Because I have the feeling that I'm slow losing hair I have been using Minoxidil topically on these areas for a few years but have stopped using that because I was not convinced it helped me a lot, I don't know whether that is of any relevance to mention, but I mention it just in case (I told my GP about this half a year ago as well).

Could someone inform me about these spots and what they could be?
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In case the photo cannot be seen (sorry, Im quite new on this forum I tried to upload one, but I don't see it in the thread) here is a link to the photo:

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