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So Many Lumps and Sores on My Body - What is it?

So I have always got bumps on my thighs and under my arms. When I got pregnant it got worse and started to appear on the outside of my vagina, the tip of where my back goes into my buttocks. I didn’t think nothing of it because my mother passed this down to me through genes. Recently I have got a bump, I have a bad habit of messing with them and it made it swell and hurt. 2 days later it looked like it was coming to a head but it hurt like crazy; so I put a hot/warm water bottle on it. It eventually popped and now it’s trying to heal. I became paranoid and looked on google what can cause this, yes i have bumps but they do not look or pop like Herpes. To dry out the bumps on my legs, I use acohol and I had a thought to use it down there. Now my vagina burns real bad, I got more boil looking bumps, and the bump that has popped is irritated. I do not itch and the bumps don’t itch just having discomfort.
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I'm not a doctor, and diagnosis can't be made over the internet, but this sounds an awful lot like a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa: https://medlineplus.gov/hidradenitissuppurativa.html

There are some medications that can help ease the inflammation, if that's what it is.  I hope you are able to visit a doctor soon to discuss your options.
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