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Something on my skin and not delusional parasitosis

I wasn't sure what to put this under because my hair is involved also. I can respect a Dermatologist has to take Delusional Parasitosis into consideration. However, I think there comes a time when they should take into consideration the patient may be right. I feel buggy and that in itself is a horrible way to feel.
I have tickling feelings on my face as well as my scalp. I know what this sounds like, but I have hair like pieces about an inch long and very kinky come off from under my skin. Not like what some describe as Morgellons. These which I am speaking of are all the same color and shape. I also will have hair like debris come off of my hair. Tons of it everyday. I have been washing my head with Tea Tree oil shampoo. It seems to have helped some with the scalp tickling/crawling feeling but not the debris.  The debris is always the same shape and it is hair like also. I would agree with split ends but no one sheds split ends as much as comes from my head.  I have used the shampoo on my face and for showering but it hasn't helped with my facial skin.
It was an electrolocyst who first told me my problem was that on my face I had much hair which had grown flat under my skin.  However, I now wonder if this is hair because if part would be out from exfoliating, it can't be pulled out and white tissue appears to be under and around it.
I take no meds which might cause this.  
Any thoughts?  What comes to my mind is parasites but I must say I am not sure of anything, only that it is real and I am not delusional. Due to you not knowing me personally, I realize my word cannot be taken for that.  I only ask for help with thoughts suggestions, etc. My face has also developed lumps and my nose is larger. These hair like things seem to be coming off my nose more than other places on my face. I also have sores and lumps in my nose.
Thanks in advance for anything anyone has to offer.
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Have you ever tried treatment for delusional parasitosis?  I understand you don't believe that's what this is but how can you know if you have never been open to the dx?  The sensation of crawling and/or itching is very real (even in delusional parasitosis)... And there are many things about our skin and hair that many of us never notice until we start looking for something - like say in the case of having crawling sensation or severe itching... Of I feel like something is wrong with Ur skin Ur obviously going to look at it more closely
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Hi cindynj, I can't believe I got a notification of a new message here but glad I did.

Wow, it's been awhile since I first posted here. cindy, to my horror, I have been living with what I believe to be Morgellons disease for going on 4 years since I first found out.

I have spent many $s since then but have given up on Drs. cindy, when did you first learn that you may have this?  Yes it is real and I sympathize with anyone whose family does not support them.  

I am going to send you a message here with my email address. Email me and we can communicate back and forth and I can tell you some of what I have done and been through. I also feel for those first finding out they have this. I believe one goes into some sort of shock before they can accept this dreadfu; disease....TTT
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I have all the same systoms and I'm  scared to dead and don't know what to do. My family thinks I'm crazy but it is real and no will believe me. Please help. Anyone.
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I realize your post is almost two years old and you might not even use this site anymore, but i came across your story researching delusional parasitosis and morgellons for a college psych paper.  I am very sorry you have to go through this.  I can't even imagine how it must feel.  I was wondering how you're doing now? I'm sure you probably know more than I do, but from what I have researched so far, it seems like morgellons is plausible.  If you could write back, I would love to hear from you. Thank you and once again, I am very remorsefu of your situation.
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Thank you for your input. I very much appreciate it.

Before I forget, I didn't use the tea tree oil shampoo until this all started. The first thing I came across on the internet was the Demodex mite which we all have, but a person with a compromised immune system an overpopulation of them can and does occur. In fact, research has shown that most people with Rosacea have this problem. Tea tree oil is supposed to be good for this issue.  If you aren't aware of Demodex, it is a microscopic mite which lives in everyone's hair follicles, coming out at night to mate while on the skin.  

I really don't know what to think. I don't have red/blue fiber, only white, and am bothered the most regarding my nose. I can feel the ticklish feeling, then look in a 15X mirror and see the dust like inch to 2 in. wavy thing coming up off my nose (which has gotten bigger). It doesn't come out of the skin like a worm. The entire thing is flat on the nose. It feels so much as if I have cobwebs on my face.

I am wondering about fungus and or mold. This is so scary what I am going to say next. The same thing is all over my house. I cleaned my dining set today and see this hanging underneath the table!  And I mean a lot of it. I am wondering about duct vents and if there is a necessity for having these cleaned regularly or what. Or, is all this matter from me? it can be hanging from a lamp shade, stuck on a window or mirror. Or it can be standing (so to speak) on end on a coffee table.

I know this all sounds so bizarre. I don't know if I could believe this if I had not seen it for myself. It moves too. Don't remember if I mentioned that.

Well, with this added information, I am still open to any ideas from anyone. I did some reading about Morgellons and that had me in a paper towel cry (not just a kleenex box one). Before Fibromyalgia became recognized as a real illness, I went through 10 years of being told in a polite way that I was depressed or just plain crazy, as well as being treated as a drug seeker. It was horrible and I can't believe I may have to go through this again. Only now I think it would be worse with having something on me which I can feel moving. I have not slept i my bed for 2 months and with the FMS it's getting so hard because I have an adjustable bed.
Thanks for your ear, to anyone who reads this. I really needed to put this down someplace. My husband is not at all supportive. This never has been a strong point for him, even in quitting smoking.
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i am not a doc.
morgellions was my first thought.
you said you use tea tree oil. about 5 years ago my sister introduced me to that stuff. so i started using it and my whole family was using it. not long id say about two or three weeks later. we all started itching like crazy. i worked at a motel. we went to the doc and was told it was scabies and that i also had chickenpox. we used all the meds for scabies. after about a month we were all clean. however i have always woundered if the tea tree oil had something to do with it. we never used tea tree oil again.
to me its oil from a tree. if its cold pressed like olive oil. it is possable that parasites could be living in it that are resistent to the oil. also it comes from another country. maybe something we dont have in the usa thus the reason know one has any idea what it is.    just food for thought.
i know people are using it to kill head lice in school children since the lice has become resistent to rid or whatever it was they used. so maybe we have created a new bug.
still morgellions would be my best bet or best guess.
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