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Sore , burning penis after 2 month , is it dermatitis ?

Ive had this complaint for 2 months and it's driving me crazy because I can't seem to get rid of it. Firstly, skin on glans/ esp around the corona - i'm cut, is very sore  and noticed still tiny like tears . When I masturbate is when it flares up- penis becomes beacon red and is very sore during , but particularily post masturbation. And still notice tears on the skin like little lacerations. Unfortunately, ive had various docs saying differnt things , none of them arriving at a definite diagnosis , fro thrush to dermatitis to eczema. Btw all std , after week of seeing escort were negative inc 2 microscopy ;coudn't see thrush under scope anyway. Moreover, I have itchiness and burning sensation on genitals and and back passage still itches and is wuite sore, i'm sure related? The skin looks a bit sore esp around glans , purplish colour , it's after any sexual activity it seems to flare and gets red and intensely sore. My question is two fold : One. What is this and two what if any is rhe best treatment? This started as a blotchy rash around 2 days most after seeing escort , sex was protected , though noticed place was dirty .The rash sort of went after few days but , after a week noticed skin seemed very ulcerated and really bad burning sensation at time and peeing a hell of a lot , still am peeing very frequently   Doctors have prescribed strong steroidal creams ans anti fungal creans which , I wonder, has given me or lrolonged the irritation ? P.s I also suffer with penile psriosis , which this is't and lichen simplex- mainly on scotum. Please help
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This site is called Medhelp yet no one actually Helps you !
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