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Sore red pimple like bumps on vagina

I recently discovered extremely sore red bumps on my vagina, they are now becoming pimple like.    I don't consider them to be blisters but I'm not sure if some types of herpes look like pimples more than blisters.  I'm really freaking out about this and am hoping that someone could tell me if it's something else.  I am getting tested Friday but it would really put me at ease if someone could tell me what it could be.  The only symptoms I have are extremely sore pimple like bumps.  I haven't noticed them being itchy or anything else.  Could it be anything besides herpes or genital warts?

I apologize if this is in the wrong topic area.
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What this sounds like to me IS a type of herpes. It sounds like HSV1. Which is what i carry. There are two different types of herpes. HSV1 & HSV2. type1 usually appears on the mouth, but it is easily transmitted to the genital area. type2 usually appears on the genitals, this type is easily trasmitted to the mouth. So if you do get a positive culture back for HSV1 i would be thankfull. that is definately the type to have if you have herpes...if that makes any sense. 50-80% of the US carry HSV1 and 45% of those people never show any symptoms. Most people catch this when they're children. When i found out i was infected I freaked out and made my boyfriend go get tested. When he told his doctor what he was there for he laughed him out of the office. Its really nothing to worry yourself about. If you do worry you can have your doctor prescribe valtrex and many other drugs to help control outbreaks. But usually with HSV1 you may have frequent outbreaks on your mouth (like myself) that you can control with denivir, acyclovir, abreva ect. When its in your genital area the majority of people with HSV1 there only have outbreaks once or twice in their LIFETIME! I hope I helped!
Take care and DONT WORRY!
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do you shave? if you do its probally just razor bumps. put aloe vera on it untill its better. it always helps me
Does it come after not shaving bc every sense I became pregnant I stop shaving and it's been my 2 month without shaving so I decided to trim it and I notice them and their quit itching but only on rare occasions like when I focus on it too much I feel like it is bc I would always get lil red bumps after shaving
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I had a similar problem once. I just got tested, and I was completely negative. I wish I would have just went to a doctor while they were there... I still don't know what they were! But they weren't an STD...
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OK. So me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex and It was all good. We want to get pregnant and we are but now there is like a rash of bumps that appeared. the itch and burn all the time. I am scared it may be herpes. My best girl friend used my razor recently and didn't tell me. She has herpes, Can I get herpes from her like that? I have dotor a[[ts. with the obgyn in like 3 weeks. Should I try to get an earlier appt because of the bumps? Do you have any idea what they could be?
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Take lysine tablets for herpes simplex virus, apparently it will reduce recurrent outbreaks...... from those on your lips or anywhere!
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I have a similar issue.  I've never had anything like this in my life.  It just showed up yesterday.  it's a red bump on the inside of my left labia.  It's very hard and itches and is sore.  It started to puss today and I totally freaked out.  I thought it might have just been a bug bite or blister.  Some one ease my mind and tell me this is not herpes!!!!  
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