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Spider veins on face and now hypopigmentation ?

Hi everyone, last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had previously been diagnosed with a Prolactinoma years before.

Around the time of my type 2 diagnosis I also noticed spider veins developing on my ankles which I was okay with but also on my face around my cheeks and nose bridge.

I managed to get used to them, but just this last week i've also began to notice hypopigmentation developing nearby the spider veins on my cheeks... It's nothing severe but is a shade lighter than the rest of my skin and as mentioned is very close to areas where there is spider veins.

Every google search throws up Vitiligo or P.Alba etc... but none of the searches mentions if the Hypopigmentation could be due to a circulation or blood flow issue?.

Is it possible that due to the lack of blood circulating in those areas where I have spider veins that the skin could lose colour or become paler than the surrounding areas that are not affected ?.

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Forgot to mention I've also had Bier spots since I was a teenager but it only affected my limbs and trunk... i'm hoping this is not moving to my face aswell :/
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