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Split in buttcrack, is this a yeast infection or ringworm?

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5”3
Weight: 104
Duration of complaint: one week
Diagnosis: none
Medications: none
Recreational drugs: marijuana
Smoking status: socially

So a while ago I noticed when I was wiping that my buttcrack was sore. I figured it was because I had been wiping too hard with scratchy toilet paper. I noticed last weekend that it was a lot more irritated so I looked in the mirror and noticed it almost looked like a chapped raised scar. Also, I a few itchy bumps which I  thought were mosquito bites because they itches so bad I scratched the skin off. The spots are hard and warm like a mosquito bite too. I figured it was dry and irritated from the toilet paper and began using Vaseline on it a couple times a day to moisturize it and prevent anymore harm from the tp. After three days of the Vaseline it was much more red and itchy. I itched it so much that the raised skin has split. I read that it could be due to a fungal infection so I’ve stopped applying Vaseline and began using corn starch to dry it out. Since I’ve been keeping it dry it’s very uncomfortable itchy and it burns. I’ve been scaring myself on the internet and I was hoping someone may know what this is. I’m leaning towards ringworm because of the circular spot near the split but it could be a yeast infection too. Here are some pictures of the crack and one of the spots or bites.

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Ugh, is this better. Ya, itching something until you itch it open can cause an actual wound that can get infected.  I personally would get it looked at by a doctor. Can you do that?  I know it's a bit of an awkward place on the body but doctors do not care.  
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