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Spot on lip

Hello -- I have a spot that has developed on my lower lip, near the corner of my mouth.  It is toward the lower edge but not at the vermillion border.  It started as a little spot, became sore, than scabbed over -- resembling much like a pimple with a whitehead.  No multiple spots, thick scab, etc.  It improved in 3-5 days but didn't quite disappear completely (looking like a small pinhead red spot but no soreness or pain).  That was 10 days ago, and now it seems to be becoming sore again (especially after brushing) and red around it.  I have had a similar spot on the opposite side that healed in 3-4 days.  I have had multiple blood tests for Herpes, all of which have been negative.  I have had little spots develop inside my mouth periodically, which my primary care practitioner has told me is likely stress related, and I've changed toothpastes, which seems to have helped those.  Still concerned this could be herpes, although symptoms are somewhat different.  And I've had 3 negative blood tests over the past year -- the last one being when the sore was healing a few days ago.  Could it be some sort of pimple?  I've tried different lip balms, but don't seem to be any difference.  I've wondered about the accuracy of the blood tests, but I've been assured they are very accurate, especially if it has been many weeks since a person was infected.  I have some fordyce spots, and it is definitely not those.  Putting alcohol on it seems to make it a little more sore and swell for a bit, but that's probably because the lip tissue is sensitive.

Thank you.
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This doesn't sound anything like herpes, and negative blood tests are indeed very accurate.  This could be a small pimple that you're aggravating by playing with it out of concern that it's herpes.  I suggest that you just apply some bacitracin when and if you get one of these and that you otherwise ignore them.  If they continue to come and trouble you, show one to a dermatologist, but only if you haven't played with it first--otherwise no one will be able to tell for sure.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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