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Stage 1 Basal Cell Carcinoma

Recently I had a mole or a spot removed that suddenly appeared one day just above my nipple on my left breast.  When the results came back they said it was stage 1 basal cell carcinoma.  The doctor recommended three different procedures, but does not suggest one over the other.  I have also been told by one nurse that they all have the same effective rate and by another the most effective would be the cut and stitch method.  

At this point I'm confused by which choice to go with:
-EDMC-Scrape and burn method; would be a series of 3 times and leave a small skin discoloration
-Cut and Stich which would leave a linear scar
-Aldara Cream, which should be applied every other day for 1 month

Considering this is on my breast and just above my nipple I'm not sure which option would be the best.  This clearly would not be seen by many or be visable, however, which truly is the most effective and less traumatizing to my body.  Any suggestions or explanation would be helpful.
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EMDCScrape burn will remove the areas with more confidence of the surgeon since as he scrapes can differentiate the normal and abnormal by feel,cut and stich though inexpensive judges by naked eye.I am not an expert in this field but the information I have may be useful.
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