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Staph Infection, Cold Sore, or plain old stubborn pimple

A few days ago i noticed a "pimple" on the corner of my lip. at first i just thought it was like a bump from like bein in the corner of my mouth and drooling or something but it soon turned into a large yellowish pustule just below the surface looked super stubborn and sort of sore.. then i thought if it wasnt a pimple and on my lip it was a cold sore.. then again its the single bump that comes to a head sort of...

can you tell this is fustrating!!!

but then after going from spot acne treatment to abbreva i am now using bacitracine to see if that will work

I have several times got staph infection my first few were from ant bites but i have had it on my leg once, my nose and now my lip. Sort of scary but i have been tested for that deadly strain of MRSA last time and nothing came back bad and everytime i treat it (with OTC inc.benadryl for the allergic reaction to ants, ichthammol, and bacitracine) and Perscription including Bactine, and that big white horse pill called sulfamathoraxole....close enough and they all have worked.

I am now almost 95% sure it is Staph because of the way it feels,looks, reacts it is exactly exactly to a tee like the other times. Is it possible to get it on your lip it is only one very large pustule like a large large whitehead.??

Should I be VERY concerned about how many staph infections i have gotten even though they pretty much have gone away by themselves??

Also, i am obviously VERY susceptible to staph.. does that make me more susceptible to Toxic Shock Syndrome if i were ever to use a tampon (reason i have not) ???

I am a worry wart btw!
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