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Staphylococcus aureus, or acne??

Over a year ago i had an allergic reaction, it was diagnosed as an insect bite, the location of the puncture mark was on my hairline, over three days my face swelled, i was given a course of antibiotics and it went.

I started to get lumps under my skin on my face, they were not like normal spots, more like boils, they were very fierce, and never came to the surface. they are fluid like to touch and very painful, sometimes they group together after a while and from a mass, after the initial itching phase they grow, and the fluid turns dark red, it look like they are filled with blood, they take almost three months to go.

I have had many various treatments for Acne over the 15 months (something i have never ever suffered with, I’m 27 year old female by the way), lots of lotions and potions, nothing worked, i kept going back to the doctor who seemed puzzled, i eventually changed my doctor and started to do a little research, i came across a skin infection called Staphylococcus aureus, the symptoms are identical, I took this to the doctor and he agreed and started treatment.

I had a high dose for two weeks, i was then given a lower dose for 8 weeks as i had had one lump appear whilst on the high dose, after four weeks i started to get more of the lumps, i have been back to the doctors, who has said it's adult acne, i have had all the treatments for adult acne and i simply do not agree that these are acne spots, they are boils.

I am now stuck as i want to get screened for Staphylococcus aureus, or another skin infection, i need a referral to go private, it may be something else, I just want it solved. i asked my doctor if i could get to test rule it out, he said no, i find that very hard to believe.

Can you give me advice as to what is possible, if i can get a private test done and where, and obviously your personal opinion, thank you.
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Basically, I don't know.  What I do know is that insect bites do not result in ongoing problems.  Staph folliculitis is possible, I guess, but that should be curable with a single course of antibiotics lasting 10 days or so.  If there were pustules that could be cultured, I'm sure your doctor would have done them.

Just a thought: when you get these "fierce" boils, do you ever squeeze them, to try to get the pus out?   If you do, it's necessary for you to stop this practice absolutely.  In that case, show any boils that remain on your face after you've left the skin alone for 4 full weeks.

I cannot think of any exotic disease you could have, and so I don't encourage any further internet research, which is likely to encourage more anxiety.  The answer to you concerns is with a doctor in person.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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I had something very similiar to what your describing but it wasn't from an insect bite. . I got lumps (like boils) under my skin. They didn't go away so I tried to sqeeze one and when I did  fluid went from lump to lump (like connect the dots).Then I got sores that I couldn't even touch. I was diagnosed with Staph Aureus  and took a million antibiotics and it didn't go away. It would kind of start to go away but it never did. It was disgusting, I had so much watery like fluid and bloody goo-like brown stuff that was very sticky {look up"Staph- the Sticky Intruder) . The sores were "unstructured" (consistencey of sores were hard and had hair-like things running through them ( beyond painful (it was insane). Anyway, I finally got a Dr. to give me Sporanox and I got rid of part of it but I am still dealing with secondary infections  I got from all the years of having an unknown bacteria & fungus residing in my body. There is a farely new med called Tygacil. It is used for a variety of complicated skin infections. Thats whats next for me after the Sporoanox. Just make sure you get this resolved and don't let Dr.s pat you on the back and disregard your symptoms just because they arent "common". If you have any questions feel free to email me and  maybe I can give you some more "particulars" about my symptoms. Take Care
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