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Still convinced its herpes

Hi Dr. Rockoff,

I have been having recurrent issues for 2 years, first vaginally, which over the past year became a rectal problem. Dispute numerous HSV1 & HSV2 blood tests, I had/have remained convinced that what I have is herpes. I thought this because my partner, a female, has a history of cold sores, while I do not. She performed oral sex on me 6 days after having a cold sore. Issues (ALWAYS occuring on the right hand side) have occurred ever since. Over the past year, I get what feels like a cut/lesion/fissure on the right side inside my rectum. The cut is pre-ceding by itching, and sometimes local discomfort on the outside of my rectum (soreness). Also, I do get an enlarged lymph node on the right side too (down there). While having this “cut” I have had,  over the course of 1 year, 2 negative cultures and 3 negative PCRs. I have been taking Valtrex on and off, but have not taken the Valtrex before I get the culture, but not sure if the Valtrex may still be in the system for some (?). Anyway, over the last 2 months, this issue has been coming and going approximately 1-2x a week (whereas it used to occur approx. 1 time a month-- lasts a few days and goes away). I've had doctors that say: it sounds like herpes so thats what it is, and other that believe my tests. I also have an autoimmune disorder and take hydrocortisone, which I fear may be clouding my IgG results.

In any event, with my last negative HSV PCR, I had a biopsy done. The biopsy diagnosis read –“Spongiotic Dermatitis, Subacute Type.” I want to know if I can really believe this. I perused an article that said that the “Spongiotic Diagnosis”  is often a blanket diagnosis- and not specific. If I get a biopsy that says the Spongiotic Dermatitis, does that DEFINITELY mean that that is what it is, and not herpes?? I am very unconvinced. I don't see why dermatitis would have those other symptoms-- itching, swolen lymph nodes, and sometimes tailbone pain. Still seems like herpes to me.

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i have been having this skin problem on my glans penis for years now..but way back, when i was still younger maybe 18-20 years old i did not mind these rashes because they usually come and go. so, i thought it was more of just skin irritation due to tight underwear and heat.. but then, when i got married which about 3 years already it got much worse. itried to hide it from my wife coz i don't want her to worry and be ashamed of me but due to changes in our sex life, we started to have marital problems that lead me into telling her that i think the penile skin problems i got could be a reason why i can'y maintain penile erection for long..and as of maybe march of this year i had it again until now.. . i was treated by my doctor with aldara cream which did not work fully, though the redness and smaller rashes under the skin folds of the head were healed. according to may doctor at that time (may or june 2009) one of the causes was my work since i was on a field work and perspires a lot.. since it did not resolved the problem i was prescribed with clindamycin which i took orally for 7 days; i did notice improvement it lessened the number and redness, but then again it came back..current description: 2-4 circular rashes?pustule? on the penile head, elevated skin, 2-3 mm rash, reddish, sometimes with some flaking but most of the time they're shiny, not painful, i also observed that they're more reddish and somewhat more alive after having sex; sometimes i wash it with betadine antiseptic wash..please halp me..tnx!  by the way, during the last consultation with my doctor he told me that if it will really not heal, he was thinking to cauterized the said skin irritation on my glans..
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i'm sorry... i posted it incorrectly...
it's my 1st time here..sgain, my apology
just delete it
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how do i post my own topic. please help
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Hi Dr, I posted my question a few weeks ago but never received an answer. It's been sometime that I have rashes at nights. Only at nights and when I get up in the morning, it's all gone. I'm fine during the day but when I get home at night, it first starts with a little red bump and then it spreads all overy my face, neck and a few on different parts of my trunk. There's just a little itch but not severe. they're red small and large red circles. I don't undrestand why they only appear in night time?? the only think that I could think of was some sort of reaction to Ibuprofen which I stopped taking it ever since but it didn't help and every night I have there nasty rashes all over my face. Please help me!! Thanks
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I don't know why the doctor's aren't responding to anyone's questions
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I was given a dog by a coworker and was miss lead into believing that the dog was hers but in fact it was a stray. My son broke out something terrible in little red bumps that appeared to have puss in the center of them. They went from his back to chest, legs, arms. And even his private area. I strated to experience only a few compared to my son. Took him to the doctor and it did not yield any help was told in the beginning that is was fleas but I know it wasn't got the dog treated for that already. I was later told by the vet that the dog was mangie. I got rid of here and we were treated for sabies four days ago. I thouht it was helping but have noticed more bumps appearing small and red no puss in center and they itch like crazy. Do you think that it was only sabies and it will soon clear up or is it something else.  Thanks
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I was recently treated for chlamydia.  I was given antibiotics for the burning while urinating and the chlamydia.  However I had some sores on the foreskin of my penis. I had a skin test and blood test done.  The skin test came back positive for a bacterial infection but no herpes.  The blood test came back negative.  I have been using Mupirocin for 4 days now and the sores are getting better. However, I noticed tiny itchy red bumps.  I notice a little clear stuff when I popped them.  What could this be if my test results were negative?
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I would like to know if anyone has had experience of skin thinning due to cortisone creams and if anything can be done to thicken the skin afterwards?

I have a close friend who has noticed this after using shea butter with (very small amounts) of cortisone cream and in a very short time it seems to have causes thinning and some veins are becoming visible now below the skin. Would any of those moisturisers with collagen be able to thicken the skin in the affected area to reduce the transparency to some extent?

Is there any sort of laser treatment that is good at reducing the visibility of underlying veins without leaving noticeable scars?

Best wishes all.
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I just registered to this forum because I have a new mistirious little white spot in my lower lip. It's itching like hell!! I have never had it before!
Can you please take a look in the picture I uploaded? WHAT IS IT? how can I treat it?

the photos:
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I was just wandering, I noticed within a 12 hour span that two mole like spots appeared on the left side of my abdomen. They are not very big, one is the size of maybe half of a pencil eraser, and the other one is smaller. I am not trying to overreact, I was just concerned because I did not know how fast they could appear! Is there anything to be worried about?

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I'm a post menopausal 54 years old female. I have developed dry skin around my abdomen and rear end about 10 years ago and doctors diagnosed it as atopic dermatitise. Especially past few years it's getting progressively worse. The dry skin has developed all over my body including my neck and face. My skin including my face look
wrinkly and powdery. When I sit down or make certain move, I feel my skin cracking.
I shed my dry skin all over my house and my clothes.
I also get watery red spots on the dry skin area and when they get dry, they form dark
hard crust on top. I get red spots all over my arms and they come and go.
I'm starting think it might be a hormone imbalance. Do you think you can help me?
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I have cyst that is pretty much hidden right under the head of my penis.  I have had it for about 10+ years lately its been starting to bother me.  I was wondering if this is something i should get removed and if so,, do you know of any good dermatologist in the nyc area
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