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Strange, oozing underarm/groin 'rash'(?)


Strangely enough, this summer for the first time, A rash(?) started under my armpits and on my upper/inner thighs near my groin. I itch it CONStantly, (though I have told myself not to, and have desparately tried NOT to, it's like i cannot control it...) at first I thought i CREATED the inflammation *WITH* my scratching (because the skin appeared to be normal at the first feeling of extreme itchiness...) and then after I would maniacally itch, The arm pit area(s) go through these changes (in order):

- a strange thick, sweaty, smelly film would cover the whole area (this will remain contant throughout)
- white patches of raised 'terry' like skin will start small and then eventually cover the whole armpit
- it will be mostly white, but with understones of red, in what appear to be the less severe, outermost areas
- ofcourse, it ITCHES TERRIBLY!!!
- it hurts when i raise my arm/ peel the skins of my armpit apart. (these skins are sticky and disgusting)
- after a few days of thurough rinses in the shower, the white puffy, terry skin on the top "sheds" and the red underneath shows through.
- there are no bumps in my armpits.

the groin/inner thigh area is slightly different:
- it is not white, but RED
- it appears to have bumps, in that there are speckled red areas, but these are not raised bumps in most areas.
- SOme small areas, however, feel like they have small patches of scaley bumps, (my boyfriend tells me they are skin coloured)
- the same oozy film covers it, though, markedly not as smelly ( I have granted this to the natural odor of the armpit.)

My boyfriend thought maybe this had something to do with it, I wear a crystal deoderant because i've read they are healthier, and I wear it under my armpits and occassionally in my groin area to smell clean..... But the thing is, I've been wearing this for years. And it's never been a problem before. So I stopped using that, or anything...

The most irritating thing about this is the 'oozing' that is occuring in these areas, and the ITCHING(!!!) And I tried researching online about rashes, but most symptoms included severe bumps, and this isn't really marked by too many bumps, so much as general inflammation
what do you think this could be??? Sorry if this is long and complicated, I just wanted to give as much information as possible.
thanks for the help!
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I don't know how much help I can give.  Fungus can affect the groin, but rarely if ever the armpit.  On the other hand, irritation and chafing can affect both.  Chafing rashes can be itchy, bumpy, and moist.  You will need to see a doctor to sort this out.  Meantime, keep the area dry, clean gently, and make an appointment.


Dr. Rockoff
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OOOPS! I should have also said, that it's reoccurred a few times now in the last three weeks since it started, switching from one armpit/ thigh to the other. The first time it cleared within a few days, and got better and then Looks normal, and then I itched it again and it broke out in the above manners again... this time it's been a lot longer that it's been inflammed....
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i'm so happy (?) to read your post!  the underarm thing sounds like something i'm experiencing, except that i have more pain that itching.  there is this white film that wears away to reveal red skin. i have the terry cloth thing and everything.  tonight i tried an tinactin on my armpit, but it hurt terribly.  no more for me.

what was your diagnosis?  how was it treated?

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What is the cause of this underarm itching?  I've had it for a year and cant find a cause?
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