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Strange, spreading and infectuous skin condition, lab cultures negative

Over the past few months I've had a strange skin condition which started on my elbows and has now spread across my upper arms, legs, scalp and even towards my nose. I've also infected two other people (family member and ex girlfriend). Lab cultures came back negative, and in my country there is no option of direct determination of pathogens. The affected areas are dry, mildly sensitive to touch and temperature changes and burns ever so slightly.
I'm wondering in which direction I should look. I have tried cremes (clotrimazole and betamethasondipropionat) to no avail.

Here are some links to photos


I hope someone can direct me in the right direction, because this is starting to scare me.
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Can someone do a biopsy of it? If they can find skin cancers in your country, they can biopsy it. I'm not suggesting that this is skin cancer, only suggesting that if people in your country are diagnosed with skin cancer, biopsies are possible. This will help determine the cause. If you live in a developed country, it is possible to determine the cause of this.

It looks like a dermatitis, but that isn't usually infectious. It could also be fungal.

Is there mold in your home? Is there a cleanser you are using, either a personal one like a soap, or a household one, that you could all be reacting to?

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Sadly they do not offer biopsies here, at least not for anything other than skin cancer. They only offer cultures. I am certain that I don't have mold in my home. I keep a very close watch on moisture, since I used to work in construction. I have asked myself if this could be related to some kind of household cleanser, but I'm not using anything I hadn't used for years. And it doesn't explain how I infected two people who don't share the same household.

Fungal... I do have athlete's foot. Could that spread?
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