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Strange Bumpy Rash / Hives on arm

This mostly appears on my right arm. Started out with a few small red bumps, became itchy, so naturally I scratched some. Some of the areas I scratched became red and noticably raised, with more bumps appearing. After a few days, some of the bumps go away, but the centers get a tiny red spot as if they popped - bleed a little. They were starting to go away, I got itchy there again and scratched - now my arm from underside of wrist to elbow has more different sized red bumps on them. Some look like they popped, some are very small. The larger ones almost feel like they hurt a little if i touch them. Are these hives?

The only think I have done recently is cleaned out a fish tank (had my arm in the water) dont know if i can get rashes from aquarium water. Not sure what this could be.  My arm is speckled in them now.

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These sound like blocked follicles, not hives.  Since it sounds as though they're spreading, they may be infected.  Please don't scratch them and show them to a doctor as soon as you can.  You may need an antibiotic.  On the other hand, you may just need to stop scratching.  A doctor in person will be able to tell.


Dr. Rockoff
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