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Strange Rash on Inner Thigh

So today I woke up and found a strange rash on my right inner thigh across from my testicle. The rash at first looked like dry skin but after I noticed it I was trying to look at it more closely and I irritated it. I'm medical smart enough to know that generally most STD's come with pus and intense itching. It doesn't itch enough for me to be uncomfortable or burn it just feels like it's irritated. Thinking that it was dry skin I applied lotion to it, non-scented gold bond hoping maybe it would help but that only seemed to make it worse. I work outside mostly in jeans and it has been incredibly humid lately so I sweat a lot especially down there. I feel like it could be just jock rash, but my main issue is that there was no warning signs at all not even the slightest bit of irritation until I actually noticed it. I guess a part of me feels like it would be safer to see a doctor immediately to ensure it isn't anything really serious but I feel like getting a professionals opinion would be smarter because I don't have insurance and I know post doctors are just going to tell me to see a dermatologist. I recently did just start seeing someone new and my last intercourse was about a week ago, prior to that I had been having intercourse with the same girl for 2 years. So if I did get a STD from the most recent girl I know it wouldn't show up in one week generally most outbreaks take much longer to occur. So I'm really almost certain this isn't a STD due to the lack of bumps, pus, pain, and itching.

So I guess I'm just looking for advice and opinions if it sounds like it could be more serious then just chafing or jock rash.
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Thanks for posting your query.

It looks like irritated skin and dryness of skin. You should not worry about it. It can be due to contact with cloth of underwear, sweating, abrasions or contact with detergents or soaps. If the area if itchy or there is some white discharge then we can think of a fungal infection. In your case, working out in hot weather wearing jeans may have caused it.

Apply calamine lotion, wear cotton clothes and use mild soaps like Dove. Also apply plain Vaseline after bath. If the symptoms persist you can add 1% hydrocortisone to the regimen.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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Hello im in need of some help. im an 18 year old female and just two days ago i have been having irritation in between the crease of my leg and private area. it's a dark rash on both sides and its flaking, peeling, and itching and i have been using lotion to see if it was just dried skin but it is still crackily and i still have the dark rash.
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