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Strange Rash

My 15mo old son has developed a strange rash on his face.  It began on one and slowly has moved to his other cheek. It is very red little inflamed and has skin that peels. Before it peels it looks like honey color but does not weep or have any liquid to it.  It has been going on for over five weeks the Regular Dr. says he does not know what it is finnally after trying the following A@d oinment,Vit e oil,Bacitracin,Oral Nystatin,Nizoal,and finnaly Bactrabanand oral keflex.  There has been no new items of food given nor any new detergents or soaps.
Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Also Do you think this will scar??

Thanks so much!
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The most common rash on the face of a 15-month-old is eczema.  Acute eczema looks yellowish and weeps, yet is not infected, which is probably why antibiotics didn't help.  Soaps and detergents do not cause eczema, which is an inherited sensitivity.  Eczema is superficial and does not scar.  Tey qapplying cool compresses with a soft cloth twice daily for 5 minutes, followed by over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone.  Mositurize as needed.  If it's much better in 5 days, that will suggest that eczema is present.  This may recur, of course, but tends to get milder in later childhood.


Dr. Rockoff

P.S.  Yes, indeed, eczema comes and goes for no reason at all.  But you should be able to control it easily.   If not, a dermatologist should be able to help.
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