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Strange painful bumps in left armpit

I noticed a while ago a painful lump in my left armpit and went to the doctor to get it checked out.  she didn't see or feel anything, but it had kinda gone away by the time i got in to see her.  it's back again, but there are a couple bumps this time and they are like under the skin, but this time they are red and sore.  i tried not using deodarent and not shaving, but nothing seems to work.  it's not really a rash and it's not itchy, and i haven't used any new cosmetics or anything.  can you give me any advice? thankx
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Hard to say more than that it isn't serious.  These "lumps" may be cysts, blocked pores, or swollen lymph glands.  Any of thedse respond best to doijg as little as possible.  Changing deodorants is not the issue, and does not help.


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I have several painful little red bumps on my hands.  They go away after a few days, but then more appear.  Before they disappear completely, they turn into little brown bumps.  When I touch them when they first appear, they turn a bright red color.  Can you give me any advice?
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I had surgery on my breast many years ago leaving some scar tissue. My question is recently that area has turned red  blochty and sore, Should this be a concern and does any of that area effect my left arm, The surgery was done on my left breast. Thanks
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I  have these bumps around my waist that are painful for a few day and they are skin and white colored could they be hair pores that are stop up and if they are not what are they and how can I get rid of them?
What the reason for people having inverted nipples in males?
Please help!!
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I too am having a problem with a painful bump in my left armpit.  It makes my whole arm feel weak but that could be because I am holding my arm differently now.  I hate it.  This is the first time this has happened where I have an actual bump under the skin.  I was totally convinced that I was dying. I am so glad that I am not the only on that this has happened to.  What can I do to help with the pain though??? I can't go to the doctor right now because I am with out insurance until August.  Will it worsen if I wait for like a month and a half?
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I too have a rash on my left armpit.If you were to ask me, they resemble the measles.They are very tender and red. What is it?
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