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Sudden hard numb itchy raised area below lip, getting bigger...bite?

I woke up an hour ago with an itchy stinging feeling below my bottom lip. I looked in the mirror and saw a whitish area about 5cm in diameter. The top part of it was on my bottom lip.  It was very itchy, hot, and numb. It was growing, becoming 10cm in a few minutes. I applied some desonide (topical steroid) because I thought I was having an allergic reaction to a bite. The bump stopped growing and the itching subsided somewhat. But the numbness is still there, and growing. Now my entire bottom lip is numb. I couldn't find a bug around the bed. What could it be?
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I just want to add that I can find no puncture from any bite. The bump is no longer whitish and is still raised. My bottom lip is still numb but now if I press on the bump, I feel a pain deep under. I'm worried. Please help.
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I just want to add that my lips are completely fine now (only a small bump remains). Sorry before I said cm I meant mm.

but my arms are numb still.
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update: my legs are numb too now. Also, I noticed that my left eye is swollen. Does this mean it was a kissing bug? Thanks.
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