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Suddenly located a scab on underside of penis

Doctor as always thank you for your time reading this.

A brief recap of my personal history I worry about my health to the point I believe I may be a hypochondriac. I have been trying not to worry about things as much. I have made some stupid decisions in my sexual activity in my past unfortunately.

What I am currently experiencing is as follows:
Last night I felt a rough spot on the shaft of my penis. Upon examination of the area I observed a tiny scab probably 1mm in diameter and mainly round. I actually had to spead the skin out to see it. Fear took over and I picked it off to reveal and very tiny pinkish red spot on the skin. There is no visible ulceration, no visible bump just like a pink/red pigmented spot with a scab over top of it. I have not had any previous symptoms and have not noticed any unusual itching or abnormalities to my penis until last night. In order to see the red/pink spot I really have to spread the skin out and to see any distinction I need to use a bright light. It may be notable that I masturbated earlier in the day without any lubrication, which is a common practice for me.

I have noticed similar incidents before after rigorous moments of masturbation or after a day of multiple episodes of masturbation. I have noticed after those incidents before sometimes what looks like a small break in the skin or tiny almost unvisible cut in the skin that scabs quickly. These scabs typically are easily pulled off or fall off in the shower and heal in a day or two. I have experienced this maybe 3 times over the last year, not always in the same spot. I had an incident earlier in 2006 where I had a tiny cut looking abraison that quickly scabbed and healed in a day or two. This also typically occurs on the side of my penis where my finger tips end during masturbation.

My obvious fear is Herpes or HPV. I dont think it would be HPV because the
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Does this sound like a herpes or HPV infection?
Do you think this warrants a blood test for herpes?
Does the short time period of healing from the time noticed make herpes unlikely?
Can dry or rough masturbation cause abrasions resulting in a tiny scab?
Absolutely.  I suggest using lubrication and/or masturbating less vigorously.  If you continue to be concerned, you should show the scabs to a doctor.  But don't pick them off.


Dr. Rockoff
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Thank you doc for the quick response, just some follow up, I have been examining tthe area ver and over and over again. The red spot actually looks as though it may be a barely shallow ulcer or a barely raised bump. Basically it looks like it has a definitive edge that you can see and is very small. I only have one and there appears to be some dry skin on the edge of the spot a tiny flake of white skin.

This is an odd description but the darker ring just below the head of the penis on the shaft where the skin folds appears when flaccid to have irregular shaped pieces of skin folds I supose that almost looks like some sort of armor. The spot looks like one of those that has gotten red and sore but its not sore, the area only gets any sensation when i pick and look and manipulate it.

I do not know your policy on picutres online but if that is an option I can attempt to get a clear picture to post. Anything would be great, I am developing some anxiety over this. Im thinking maybe what i thought was a scab was dry skin or something, it was hard and easily picked off leaving the skin under it.

Any ideas of what this could be? Or do you still think its just an injury? From the most I remember it was not there yesterday morning when I masturbated last but was there last night when i noticed the scab.

Im also curious as to what I should watch for that would signify herpes or some form of STD.

Thank you doc great service for the $19 fee.
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Doc I noticed some other that have posted so I went ahead and posted the picture links.



This morning the area looked even better yet I can barely see anything now unless I actually get my head close to it and use my flashlight that is high powered light. Never did determine if it was ulcerated or raised but definately had a border I could see opposed to a rash that fades.

I noticed the scab and picked it off saturday night around midnight and now monday evening it is nearly gone.

Still think this is irritation from Masturbation or could it be a herpes infection. Hope the pics can close this worry for good for me :) THANK YOU!!!!
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last comment... I noticed now later in the day the area is noticeable again under close exam, looks like a tiny round spot of skin that is shiny compared to the skin beside it but does not appear to have any type of fluid coming from it or any blister/ulceratrion that I can see.
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Hard to tell.  Pics look like scabs.  My advice remains the same.

Dr. Rockoff
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Thank you doc. So you do not think the spot looks herpetic at all? size shape location? Im sorry to keep posting I just do not have a good health dept in my area STD appointments take weeks to get and currently have no health insurance. hooray. Still just looks like scuffed or rough skin to me.

Should I cease sexual activity until a blood test? I have not been sexually active for quite some time but recently started a new relationship.
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sorry to post again doc this is driving me crazy last night before bed I could not see the spot at all, if anything looked like a dry spot of skin, this morning i have what looks like two white circles (scab like) that are touching one another. I dont know if this could be to my scaping and picking at the first spot or if this is something else. Help!

New pictures :(

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One additional side note I have noticed. The area is much less visible to the point you have to stretch the skin under bright light after a shower, when the area is still damp. When dried I can see the definitive circles that is in the above picture.

Called the STD Clinic today 2 weeks is the soonest I can be seen sigh... I still can not tell if the area is raised or ulcerated.

If it was an ulcer would I be able to notice easily?
Do herpes lesions act in the way this is?
Do the new circumstances warrant a herpes blood test?
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Doc I also put some lotion on the spot this morning after shower and now I am unable to see the spots about 7 hours later. HOwever the center of the bottom of the shaft of my penis is irritated and red and may burn a small bit (or could be my mind)
This is the area where the skin folds are going up the center of the shaft on the underside. I dont necessarily think this is related.

Anyway the lotion seemed to eliminate the original problem or at least make it non visible, you think that is supportive of a non herpes unofficial diagnosis? again this is only day 3 since noticing the scab
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