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Sun Rash

Twice now this summer after prolonged exposure to the sun I have developed a rash on my upper arms and shoulders.    
The rash is red, slightly raised, and itchy.  I have a very fair complexion, and use sun screen always when in the sun.  
I even switched sunscreens to be sure it wasn't caused by that.  I have no sun burn, and the rash and itch have gotten better from use of hydrocortisone.  I'm worried that I might be causing my self damage by being in the sun, any in site would be helpful.
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A sun rash is seen as small, reddish blisters or small or large spots in areas that have been exposed to sunlight.The only remedy is to use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. On the other hand, heat rash develops when your sweat ducts become blocked and perspiration is trapped under your skin. In particular, miliaria rubra causes red bumps that are intensely itchy or prickly, giving rise to its common name, prickly heat. There is often little or no sweating in the affected areas adults develop miliaria rubra shortly after they're exposed to hot weather, but the rash more often appears after several months of exposure. The best treatment for any form of heat rash is to reduce sweating and wearing lightweight clothing. Once the skin is cool, heat rash tends to clear quickly. Take care and keep us posted.
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