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Sunburn and Bump


I recently got badly sunburned (it's currently peeling) as I thought I had reapplied suntan lotion (spf 48) enough over the course of the day, but I apparently did not.

My skin recently started to peel, and I noticed a small red bump about 3mm in diameter on my back under some of the peeling skin.  I'm very concerned that it might be something more than a blister.  It's fairly round and looks uniform (from the best I can tell in the mirror).  Should I be concerned, and what might it be?

Please help!  Thank you in advance!
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These bumps could be a result of allergy to the sun or heat. A physical allergy differs from other allergic reactions because the trigger is a physical stimulus. The physical stimulus can be cold, sunlight, heat.

One theory suggests that the physical stimulus changes a protein in the skin. The immune system mistakes this protein for a foreign substance and attacks it. The result is release of histamines which are then responsible for the skin reactions in an allergy rash.

Itching, skin blotches, hives, and angioedema are the most common symptoms. The diagnosis is based on symptoms and the circumstances under which they occur.
The best treatment is to avoid the stimulus that causes the physical allergy. An antihistamine can usually relieve  the condition.

The peeling of the skin after a sunburn is a normal reaction of the skin replacing itself. The rash could also be a part of the sunburn. The most important aspect of sunburn care is to avoid exposure to the sun while healing and to take precautions to prevent future burns. The best treatment for most sunburns is time. Given a few weeks, they will heal.

The skin can be hydrated by applying topical products containing Aloe vera and/or vitamin E, which reduce inflammation.
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