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Sunburn-like rash with Petechia

About a week ago, I noticed I was getting many new pinpoint petechiae. At first at thought they were what I always called "liver spots," and they may well be. I've noticed them mostly on my chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Then over the last few days, newer, bigger ones have been coming up. Then two days ago, I started getting a rash on my neck. My neck has always tended toward being red, but now it is turning very dark, almost purple. My chest also looks red. The areas all blanch. Redness comes and goes where the petechiae are. I'm turning red very easily everywhere. I do not have a fever, though I had one a couple of weeks ago with a sore throat and swollen lymph glands. I am also getting a lot of new spider veins on my check and abdomen. The same rash is on the inside of my forearms and on my biceps, but it is much more subtle there. I can only tell it is there because it is blanching. My knees are also a bit red. My back and neck burn like I have been in the sun, but I have not. Benadryl has not helped at all, but I didn't expect it too because I'm not itching at all.

And ideas?
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Possible 'infectious mononucleosis' or viral rash.Do consult doc.
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So I went to the doctor and he said this was just broken blood vessels in my chest. I understand why he says this-when you look at it, it's obvious that my blood vessels are popping out. He gave me the whole speech about how this happens, it will never go away, only lasers can solve it, etc. As I was leaving, I reminded him that it had only started two days before, and then he was suddenly perplexed (it was as if he didn't hear me say that initially). He then said he had no idea!

So from what I gather, this kind of thing can be due to a chemical reaction or a viral infection. What he didn't even consider that while the area in my chest is more constant, there are other places that come and go-particularly in my forearms.

Today, my check, shoulders, and back are burning pretty badly. I did go to another place to have a CBC test done-results pending.

Any other thoughts?
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The older ones are likely to be "cherry angiomas" -while there seems to be a photo-sensitivity component perhaps relating medications like cipro (For the new ones) if you have taken medications earlier, for your lymphadenopathy.
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You might have a couple of different things going on at once.  Since the areas present differently, it could be two or three different issues.  There is a phenomenon called "Allodynia" which feels like a really bad sunburn...can't stand the touching of clothing or rubbing or sunlight.  I have been dealing with this for sometime.  The nerve endings on the skin surface that interpret heat, cold, pleasure, pain (called nociceptors) become irritated or confused by chronic pain and ongoing pain signals.  It's very common in people with MS, Fibromyalgia and Lupus.  It can move from place to place, come and go without warning, last for days or weeks.  There is NO rash and usually no redness with this...so the other issues you are having could be varicose veins, shingles, strep, staph, etc.  I'd get a second opinion if it were me.  And to alleviate the symptoms of the burning skin, an ice pack has worked better for me than anything.  I keep several in the freezer, the gel kind and move them from place to place as the irritation moves.  The ice packs are the only way I can sleep when I am having a flair up.  Hope this helps some.  Best wishes!
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Maatson: These are definitely not cherry angiomas, but I do have those. These are petichia. But my lymph nodes in my neck are swollen...it's just a matter of trying to to figure out why.

B4: All of the places I am burning are also quite red. But, not all of the places I am red are burning. So there may be more than one thing going on here, but this all started at about the same time. I did have a shingles outbreak a couple of months ago, but it was on my leg...not in the places that are burning.

Thank you both for your thoughts.
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I would still think of mononucleosis or a drug rash with photodermatitis.But then rarer causes almost go with immunodeficiency (May not apply to you) which include bartonellosis(Cat) and acute HIV presenting with rash and lymphadenopathy (Rarely diagnosed). These I am including only for completion sake.Allodynia is diagnosed more by exclusion of other conditions in 'pain without rash' senario on the skin.
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Hi maatson,
I hadn't thought about mono or other viruses because I haven't had a fever. Definitely no other mono signs  Can this rash be related to a virus/bacteria without fever? I did have a fever, sore throat, and (undiagnosed) conjunctivitis about 2 weeks ago, but that cleared up long before.

The burning is actually getting worse. Not sure what this is, but it doesn't feel good. It is now in the inside part of my legs. Quick recap: red chest, back, neck, with burning pain. Burning in legs and feet along nerves, not red. Petichia & liver spots popping up, some disappearing quickly. Red forearms, no burning. Whole body turning red very easily with pressure (ie, cross my legs and it turns scarlet, sometimes with petichia forming). By the way, I'm in my 30s and take no prescriptions.
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Guess you should go to the ER pronto.
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It doesn't feel bad enough for a trip to the doctor. I have not yet taken anything for the pain today and without a fever, I don't feel like its an emergency.
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Possibly a 'vasculitis' inducing viral infection. I was only worried about the ascending order of symptoms.
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Most people aren't open to this, but it may be a stress related issue.  Stress can do some scarey weird things to your body.  I know my Allodynia comes on when I am under stress.  Taking an anti-depressant has greatly minimized my attacks.  If it gets to the point where you require pain meds, or sores begin to seep, or you run a fever, or constant nausea (any signs of infection) get to the ER and get a second opinion.  :)
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Could be vasculitis, but if that is the case I guess I'll have no way of knowing what is causing it. I'm open to the possibility that it is stress, but my stress levels were actually low when this started. I will get my CBC back in a couple of days and that should shed some light....or not! I'm taking ibuprofen for the discomfort.
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