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Sweaty practically all the time

I'm 16 & I tend to sweat practically all the time, & that makes me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
I don't play sports, yet I do sometimes exercise. Where I live is sunny but at the same time is windy.
Sometimes I sweat because I'm nervous, but other times I sweat for no apparent reason.
I just feel my skin gets very shinny from sweaty a lot.
I have no idea how to stop from sweating a lot. I've asked my doctor if there's something I can do, but all they
say is that it's normal. Personally I think it's not normal. Sometimes I sweat so much that it can go thru my
sweater or jacket I might be wearing even if it's really cold. I've had sweaty hands since I was little, but I
recently started sweating a lot on my armpits, feet, hands, forehead & upper lip. I wipe off the sweat & in 5
seconds it starts sweating again, I can't go thru one day with out sweating. I see other girls the same age as me
& I've never seen them sweating as I do.

What can I do to stop sweating a lot ??
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