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Swollen chin

my chin is swollen again for the third time.The first time that it happened to me was 4 or 5 months ago, it lasted for 1 month. After 3 months,it happened again and it lasted for 3 weeks. And now my chin is swollen again and this time I went to the dermatologist and she told me that the cause of it may come from my teeth because there are no other possible reason because I didn't have any fever while my chin is swollen, I have no other swollen body parts, and such. So I went to the dentist and I actually had a tooth decay so I got it removed as my dermatologist told me that it is the possible reason for the swell. The problem is, the tooth beside my wisdom tooth (IDK what you call it) it was the one that has a problem so my dentist told me that how come that my chin would be affected by it, it seems impossible that the infection would travel up to my chin area. I got my teeth x-rayed and there are no problem with it.

Sometimes the lump in my chin hurts but it is bearable and it doesn't last long. Sometimes the lump is on the right side, sometimes it is more prominent on the left side. Sometimes it has a contusion and it is weird because I never hurt my chin so IDK where it came from. I don't apply anything on my chin except for bb cream which I'm using whenever I go out and I use the same product for 2 years so I don't think it is the reason for it.

What do you think may be the cause of it? Anyone who had experienced or who's also experiencing this? I'm a girl btw so I don't shave my chin area.
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