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Swollen corona glans and irritated skin on my penis head

A week ago i noticed that my corona glans is swollen and my penis head is red and it gets irritated when i walk , i noticed a very small red dot on my penis head , it's  not painful or itching . But the corona glans is irritated for 1 week and it looks like it's  covered with blood vessels, i don't  feel any pain unless  i touch it then i feel small irritation , i'v had unprotected  sex 1 month ago and i was thinking i have genital herpes but i don't  have any sores . What could it be ? Do you think this could happen from mastrubation also or some allergy from shampoo . I"m really concerned  about this , is somebody could help me to find an answer i would appreciate  that . I'm currently  using Hydrocortisone 2.5% and it seems to have small results . Thank you !
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There are a lot of possible answers to what this could be, although it doesn't sound like any STD- you did have unprotected sex, so it's a good idea to get tested just for a precaution.  

It could be just an irritation from friction.  It may be some reaction to products you are using (you mention shampoo)- but that usually would cause you to itch.  

To be certain of what it is, have a doctor take a look and get routine STD testing since you did have unprotected sex.  
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