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Swollen lip

I just wanted to know what this is because I can't figure it out. Part or one of my lips feels tingly and then it slowly swells up and then it stays like that for a couple of hours. One time it was underneath my upper lip so it looked like you know how a monkeys mouth look like...This started a few weeks ago maybe even a month, I'm not completely sure. Any who, yesterday I came back from work and didn't because I wasn't very hungry so I drank some milk and started on my homework and my lip started to tingle and then it started to swell from the left side and when I woke up, my whole upper lip was swollen and still is. Usually I would wake up with my lip feeling tingly and then it would swell or  it would do that around 10:00 am or around 11:30 but never has this happened at night before. When this first started I thought that I might be allergic to something but I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary or done anything that I normally didn't do before. I have been picking up a lot of hours from work and I sometimes neglect eating properly or not eating like two out of the three meals. So please help me figure this out and hopefully how to cure this.
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Angioneurotic odema. An allergic process. Do consult your Doc.
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To help, I took liquid antihistamine, with a shower. but i also had itching. About  29 years ago. I woke up with just my upper lip, very swollen, I looked like a duck. luckily, even though i looked funny, i  tried to see the humor. My face made me laugh. I had to go to work, and I just dealt with it. In addition to that i slowly lost my voice that day as well. But by the next day it was gone. The true loss of my voice, lasted 3 to 5 days. the  first days. i would go to talk, and  No sound came out. That worried me, but not talking i didn't have to answear phones. 3rd day i made a whisper, and slowly it got better. Then when i had the duck face it was nerves that brought both symptoms. Today's i was vacuming. moving things around on floor. Remember the benadrill will hit you very soon after taking it and make you Very Very sleepy. So don;t plan on doing anything but sleep. Can be deadly if driving. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon!
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