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Swollen lymph node near skin irritation

Good morning everyone, I'm new here but I'm an hypochondriac so as soon as I get even the slightest symptom of an illness I go looking for whatever pathology I might have online, and therefore I figured it would be easier to ask: for the past week or maybe week and a half I've had a serious itch on my left thigh and a couple of days ago two similar, circular and red rashes appeared on the spots that were itchy; I do not know if it's a rash or something else but they remind me of one of those skin irritations caused by infections or stuff like that. Yesterday I woke up with the corresponding lymph node (the one on top of my left thigh) swollen and kinda painful (not unbearable but still annoying because it hurts if I sit in a way that squishes that part of my body). My other lymph nodes are completely fine and even the one on the opposite side of my body is fine and not swollen; what do you think? could there be a connection between that skin rash and the lymph node swelling? should I be more worried? I've been really scared about this for the whole night
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Hello~I don't think there is anything to worry about, but, for peace of mind, I would call and ask your GP or even ask a pharmacist. There might be an anti-itch cream to use that will stop the itching.

One thing I am still learning, doing Googles usually brings on more stress and fear, I am trying not to do it as much.

Take care and try not to worry.
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