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I just started laying in the tanning bed and i have developed a rash on my butt its about as big as a dime and has lil blisters in it. The past two years that i have tanned i have got it and it will stay for about a week and then go away and not come back un til next year when i start tanning. What is it and how can i stop it from coming back?
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Once again I suggest this evening, get checked for MRSA, and if you are positive do not go to public tanning salons to spread it to more people. this is a very contagoius disease, it is an epidemic in this coutry and no one knows anything about it.  aso quit tanning there is a perfectly working sun in the sky!
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I suggest that you have this rash assessed by your physician .This may be a fungal infection or a reaction to the ultraviolet rays utilized in tanning beds. A fungal infection may present as a rash which may be itchy and scaly. A microscopic evaluation of skin scrapings from the area may help establish the diagnosis.

Have you applied any medications on the area before?
Was this ever assessed by a physician?
Any other similar lesions in the body?
Are these rash only associated with tanning?
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