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Tanning Salon and Cancer Risk

I have been tanning in tanning salon for the past two years.  I use the high pressure tanning booth.  I began by using them once or twice a week for the first year then once a week to once every two weeks over the last year.  I had never tanned prior to using the salon two years ago.  I am moderately fair skinned.  I have sinced stopped using the beds and gone to spray on tanning because of the risks i have read on skin cancer and tanning beds.  What are my chances of getting cancer from the exposure i have had over the last two years?  I am 32 years old.  should i go start seeing a dermatoligist?  What are your recommendations.  Thank you for your time.  
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It's hard to measure your risk, since risk depends on lots of things besides tanning booths--heredity, sun exposure as a child, skin type, and so forth.  I think you've done yourself a service by giving up tanning for the artificial kind.  Your best bet is to see a dermatologist to see where you stand.  It might be a good idea to get your skin checked with some regularity after that, though the skin doctor can tell you whether that would be needed every year or not.

Take care.  Don't grump.

Dr. Rockoff
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