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Terrible week old sunburn on the tops of my feet now almost feels numb?

A week ago I went kayaking and apparently didn't use enough sunblock. I rarely go out in the sun but I have very fair skin. I wound up getting burnt on the front sides of my arms and legs and the tops of my feet. My arms and legs are now pretty much just a tan still peeling a bit, but the tops of my feet (mostly the left one) are still red in the middle and discolored (almost purple) where the rest of the sunburn was. My feet have been in excruciating pain every step I would take but that's finally getting more tolerable as the red area gets smaller. When I would walk it would feel like deep stinging pain and I could barely put weight on it. Now it looks scaly and although it still hurts (much less than before), I almost feel like my skin is going numb on the surface where it's scaly? They peeled a bit yesterday and I've pretty much only been putting aloe on them. They were VERY swollen the first few days but never had any blisters. I've never had a sunburn like this, does anyone else have experience with a terrible sunburn on their feet?
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Sounds like you have a bit of sun poisoning since you had the swelling as well.  Keep up on the aloe and make sure you are hydrating yourself with a lot of water.  I'd also recommend going to the doctor to get checked out since you are getting feelings of numbness and it's still hurting.  
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