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Tinea or Vitiligo?

I am a female from India, 26 years old. About 6 months ago, I noticed two pale white spots about 5mm in diameter on my back. This summer, as I tanned, the two spots did not tan. I also noticed about 4 or 5 new white spots on my arms and legs. Most of the spots are about 1 or 2mm in diameter and circular.

I first went to the Acute Care clinic here in San Jose. The doctor there said I have a fungal infection and prescribed Nizoral. He also suggested I should see my regular doctor (PPO). A week later I visited my PPO who diagnosed me with Vitiligo. He was quite resistant to the idea of my seeing a dermatologist.

I continued with the Nizoral cream anyway. It has been about 3 weeks now, and the spots are bumpy to the touch, and the ones on my back have turned pink and the skin around them has turned red and is itchy. Is this just an allergic reaction the cream or was the first doctor right? Should I continue the cream? I have no new spots since my visit to the doctor, and none of my spots have increased in size.

Can someone provide some direction?
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To be frank, your condition sounds typical for neither fungus nor vitiligo, inasmuch as neither is "bumpy."  The location of the spots does favor fungus, however.

Loss of color after fungus tends to be rather long-lasting in dark-skinned people, measured in months even after successful eradication of the fungus.  Unlike vitiligo, however, the color loss is not permanent or progressive.

But of course I am not certain of the diagnosis.  Perhpas your primary physician, the one "resistant" to your seeing a dermatologist, is unaware of the profound implications of a diagnosis of vitiligo in India, and other countries where people of color reside.

Perhaps, then, you should find another, less resistant primary physician.  You need proper diagnosis.  The way to deal with bureaucrats the world over is polite but firm insistence.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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You probably have vitilgo and the doctor's know nothing about it and they don't have a cure, I am trying to get a cream called
Pseudocatalase cream, from Northwestern Phramamcy(312695-3900)
and they will send you information on it or go to the vitilgo web site and read about this condition. You will need to do this for you.
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i have little white head looking pimpules all over my face        what is it
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I have a question about the skin condition Becker's Hairy Nevus. Is it contagius?  And do you know about any treatment for it, mine has a brown pigment to it.  If thats any help.
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I am 27 yrs old and have vitilgo.
Is the disease completely curable, what is the latest treatment available,
kindly guide,
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Dr. My daughter who is 34, has noticed these white spotted areas on her skin, arms, hands, legs. She has had these now about 5 months. She went to a skin doctor today and he told her it was Vitiligo. She is very upset. He said it was genetic. I wonder, since no one in our family has this skin problem. On the other hand..mine of course, wouldn't you know it? I have multiple sclerois and also have these dark spots on my lip area of my mouth. I have had these dark spots on lips for along time. Had them checked out and etc...even had a colon check for maybe what one skin doctor said could be puitz jiggers..whatever that is. Anyway, all checked out okay in my department, except I do have MS..for about some twenty years now. I'm able to get around with cane and hanging onto walls and etc. I also take one self injection everyday, called copaxone..This skin doctor also told her it  might be her thyroid. Possible? If you have any answers for us, please let us know what you think it is. These white areas have also gotten more all over on her..THANK GOD, not her face..HELP..We thank you for being there for us Doctor..Thank you again, Gayle and daughter, Danette....
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