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Tiny Red Spots On Skin, Help!

I have a tiny pin sized spot on my arm. It has a small rash looking area around it making my skin look redish. If I spread the skin on my arm the redish color goes away. As sson as I let go it comes back. I also have a spot just under my left eye. I have another smaller one starting to form on my upper left arm and left index finger.

I have heard that this could be caused by Liver problems or a lack of Vitamin K. Is there any truth to this?

I won't kid around about my question and tell you that I have had slight liver problems in the past and have been an active drinker. Would cortizone or other cream/medication help?

Thank you.
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It sounds as though you are describing an angioma, or blood vessel.  Its true that people with liver problems can get bunches of angiomas, but lots and lots of peple have an angioma, or several, with no liver problems or any other internal issues.  My advice is not to worry about it, and just show it to a doctor when you can.  Creams play no role here.  You get the spot lasered, I guess, but I don't see why you'd want to.  As to your liver status, perhaps you should see an internist for a general checkup.


Dr. Rockoff
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Thank you for your insight doctor, I have an appointment next week to see my primary doctor. Apparently I have to have a referrel to see a dermatologist.

After I read your comments I looked up angioma and saw lots of different pictures. None of them match what my arm or lower eye area look like. Everything I saw looked as if they were sticking up off of the skin. Mine are flush to the skin. It looks like a pin spot and then red all around it. I know that there are different types of angioma but is there a type that is flush to the skin like mine?

I guess I will find out next week. I appreciate your help but I am always nervous going to the doctor and was curious if you had any more insight on this.

Thanks again!
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My dad had been very tired, fatigued, short of breath and his legs kept him from walking very far at all without giving out on him.He is a borderline diabetic. Finally he decided to get checked out because he could not get a good breath. Hosp. and tests for three days finally diagnosed him with cirrohisis of the liver. His heart, lungs were great! He use to be a drinker maybe twice a week but, has stopped for twenty years. The hepititus test all came back ok too. They are still trying to find out what caused his liver disease. Lasix was given to him and he got rid of alot of water while he was in the hosp. He feels somwhat better but, my question is.???? (he  doesn't see the dr. till next week for the rest of the test results), I am confused on how long someone has to live when they are diagnoised with cirrohsis of the liver?? If you have it is there treatment? I am worried and need to know an opinion on this. Dad had, upper GI< heartecho, dye put in veins for heart scan, and also had a scope down his throat and it is all ok except the water retention...help please! GeeGee
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I'm not sure why you posted this here, but I do have an opinion. It is not prfessional though. My Mother has been a nurse of over 30 years, my Grandmother of over 20. My Grandfather was a EXTREME drinker. He passed in 2005 at the age of 75. As I am only 28 years old, my Grandfather was diagnosed with cirrohsis before I was born. I have dealt with a lot of his treatments, surgerys, and emergency room visits during my lifetime. I was even his medical power of attorney.

Although I am not a professional this is my opinion. I think even after being diagnosed you can live for quite some time. My Grandfather was never diabetic though. My thoughts are to keep up with the tests and if he is really not drinking maybe things will be ok. Just need to find out about the breathing problem.

Also to my knowledge, I don't believe there is a cure for cirrohisis. Normally (to my knowledge) that is permanate damage to the liver. I could possibly have that as well.

Once again, I am not a proffessional but I hope this might ease your mind about the liver thing.
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