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Tiny blisters covering my lips, sores in mouth. What could it be?

    For just under 2 months now I continue to have breakouts of tiny, irritated blisters all over my lips, on the roof of my mouth, and in the back of my throat every other week that last for about a week or two at a time, and come right back after about a week to 2 weeks goes by.  The first breakout was in mid february and was a bad one.  It starts as small blisters in the corners of my lips on both my upper and lower lips and over the course of a few days it covers my entire lips and spreads to the roof of my mouth and back of my throat.  They are very itchy and have a constant burning sensation.  My first doctor visit they thought it was strep throat, but never tested me for strep.  They gave me Amoxicillin and I took them orally until they were gone.  I also had them do a blood test for HSV 1 and HSV 2 during my first visit just incase, and I came back negative for both.  By the time I had finished the meds the blisters/breakout were about gone, and in two weeks it was back the same as the first time but much less severe.  The second and third breakouts were much more minor and did not get bad enough to the point of pussing and crusting over, and I did not go back to the doctor.  I tried using Abreeva OTC ointment on my lips for both of these breakouts because it seemed to help make the symptoms manageable, but it still continues to return.  This is now my fourth breakout in two months and this is by far the worst breakout I have had yet.  My lips are completely covered in tiny inflamed blisters and are crusted over in the morning with a crusty yellow puss, and burn almost constantly.  I went to an urgent care doctor 2 days ago and they thought it was a fungal infection, "Angular Cheillitis" and prescribed a cream for my lips and medicated lozenges for my mouth.  The lozenges and the cream are both Clotrimazole.  Ive been using both for 2 days now, and the inside of my mouth has gotten a bit better but my lips are not improving at all yet.  They have a strong burning sensation and feel extremely chapped, but the blisters do not look chapped, just very inflammed and irritated.  
    I am a 25 year old male in generally good health, I do not smoke but I use a nicotine vaporizer.  I have no known allergies to medications.  Any insight into the matter would be greatly appreciated.  
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