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Tiny holes in my lips filled with saliva

So I had this conditions for years now, in the beginning was my both lips, every morning I would wake up with this tiny dark spots on my lips, when I press them,  saliva comes out and makes the shape of small bubbles which leaves my lips super dry.
I tried few ways to moisture them but they kept dry. Now I only have this problem in my lower lip, and the number of hole get reduced and they are not dark anymore, this is probably because the holes aren't deep as they used to be, but they still there and they still dry my lips, I'm not sure what to do.
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Anything helped any advice?
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm confused by your question.  When you say the holes fill up with saliva, are you meaning they have liquid coming out of them? I'm wondering about an allergy.  Have you had them looked at by a doctor?
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Hello Sara. Thank you for your reply Yes. The liquid will come out if I press my lips from the sides using my two fingers.
Yeah I've seen a doctor he said this is a side effect of  Psoriasis which  I had in my ears, he believed I got the Psoriasis because of stress which I can agree with him.
So as I explained, he thoughts this holes are a result of the stress time I had. He gave me a cream to  apply, I don't feel it did the job, as I said the holes stopped looking dark and this is probably because they are not very deep as much they were but they didn't disappear completely.
Hi I am dealing with the same for a few years now. Sometimes it's leaks alot and sometimes it doesn't.  My doctor said it's over active saliva glands.  They gave me acne medicine.
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