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Tiny little flesh-coloured bumps I have appearing on my upper lip?

Yesterday morning, I woke up with tiny flesh coloured bumps (barely noticeable, considering their colour and minuscule size) on either corner of my lips. These bumps have since spread across the length of my upper lip and have increased in discomfort. This rash of tiny little bumps has not passed the boundaries of my lip and I have not noticed any symptoms anywhere else on my body.

These are the symptoms I am seeing on my lips:
- appearance and spreading of tiny flesh-coloured bumps on my top lip
- slight (very slight) swelling of upper lip
- the bumps feel quite itchy

I have had bumps (or a rash) such as this one on my lips before, although it has stayed within the corners of my lips and has left on it's own within a day or so. I always assumed this rash was a form of sunburn on my lips, however I have not spent much time outside in the past week that would explain such a reaction.

Furthermore, I have not used any different or new products on my body lately apart from trying out a new face moisturizer called Lubriderm.

Lastly, the bumps on my lip are not a form of herpes because I do not have any STDs.

I would love to learn what these little bumps are, what they were caused by, and most importantly how I could get rid of them!
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