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Tiny red spots on Skin

I don't know if I have just noticed these or if they have just appeared but nonetheless I am stressed out over them.

They look like someone took a tiny tiny pin and place little dots on my skin. Some of them are hard to see unless you are pretty close the the area.
They're mainly on my arms, chest and really a few on my legs.
I have only three that are a big bigger than the others.
I feel fine, I do not have any fever but after looking up on the net I started to panick a bit and I'm wondering if they could be petechiae...
Thanks you veru much for your help :-)
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Petechiae are red.  It's hard to say for sure without seeing you, but I am confident these aren't petechiae.  Instead, they are almost certainly small follicles that have always been there and that belong there but that you've never noticed.  That happens when you're under stress, and in turn it can cause more stress.  I advise you to show them to a doctor next time you can, so you forget about them.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have them too.. however, i have been ill for 2 months.  Started out as a tooth that needed a root canal.. Started feeling dizzy, and weak.. Lately noticed tiny red dots on my skin also.. Perhaps from an infection?  Stress?  Some of mine are really small and i also have a couple larger ones...
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i also have tiny red spots on my upper back/shoulder and neckline and some on both arms(upper half ) i just had a misscarrige about 2 weeks ago. maybe stress?but i was worried because they are ugly to look at
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I am Having similar symptoms as well, I have these little red dots that pop up all over. They are smaller than a head in a pin and look like a dot of blood just under the skin. I have more symptoms than that though. On my big toe in the spring and summer at random I get these dots all over the side of my toe. It will then blister, Dry up and peel and go away. I also get this in my nose and mouth. After they blister and peel they will bleed sometimes. It is accompanied by pain in my lower back, leg and hip joints and this will also go away. But returns with other signs. It is linked somehow and only seems to attack soft tissue and always in the same locations. I have been to several doctors and none can offer why this happens. Any Help or even a direction to an answer will be greatly appreciated this has been going on since I built a house in Ky 5 years ago. There is no connection but it was then when it started.  
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Also I should add A sour smell. My body has developed a sour smell when it used to smell salty.
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I have the lil spots too.......
Mine do not itch,  and are usually gone within 24 hours.  This has been happening for several years, by the time I go to a doctor, the spots are gone.  My spots come up on my arms, abdomen and neck.   I do not think it is nerves or my soaps...........   I have no health problems.   Go figure.

If anyone has this also and can help, thank you, my email is:


Gooooooooooooday and Gooooooood luck ya'all
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I've had the tiny red spots and larger red spots all my life. There are times I thought they were from drinking alcohol when I was younger. Could be, I would always see more when I did drank. Now, I don't drink and I haven't in years. What the doctor says about it being caused by stress.. I believe this. I've been under a lot of stress, because of family matters at times..changing that also!..Then again, it could be a lot of things. Sometimes I think it is from working out in the gym. One thing I know is it's doesn't hurt me and I know it's nothing, because I'm very healthy, I have perfect blood pressure, I don't take any meds, I do take supplements and vitamins.
I can run two miles and I do water aerobics and lift weights. My weight is better the last few years. Everyone thinks I'm lean..still want to lose ten to 12 lbs. I will be sixty in Oct. Lots of experience here!! lol..Enjoy the day! Always put a smile on , you are what you think..God is life!

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