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Tiny white spots on penis head and ulcers on meatus

I haven't had sex in more than a month or so. Only got a handjob from my girl and I felt pain in the next few days. I've had abrasions due to a rough handjob but this time there seem to be white spots and ulcer like wounds on my penis head. The ulcers are on the meatus and it hurts upon touch even during my daily activities. Anyone know what this may be? I'm getting real paranoid right now and have no idea whether it will even recover itself over time
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If you are feeling pain and have sores like that- it's time to go to the doctor and have them take a look.  There are a wide variety of conditions that could cause this, but don't panic about it never getting better- it will with proper treatment.  Go see your doctor- they need to do an in person exam and get a bit more details about your medical history.  Feel better soon!
Are there any home remedies or cream I could pick up from a pharmacy because I won’t  be seeing a doctor until a few days later. Got exam coming up :/
Since you don't know what the cause is, it's hard to say if a cream from the pharmacy or at home remedy would help, unfortunately.   I know things get busy, but if it's hurting that much- I'd take an hour time away from studying and try to be seen by a doc so you know.  You don't want to place something on there that will irritate it worse.  
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