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To all members of this forum. Please read. Thanks. :)

Hi, The idea behind this thread is to form a comprehensive collection of posts related to treatments for reducing or eliminating the side effects of corticosteroids. If the side effects happened to you (or someone you know) and you (or them) got cured post it here please. Even if the treatments(s) did not work, your post about the treatment(s) is very welcome, as it may provide valuable info on treatment options to others who struggle with this. I'll be posting about my treatments here shortly(tomorrow).

Thanks, and I wish you all a healthy and prosperous life! :)
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Oops, a little correction is needed :) - for the second treatment (talcum,panthenol and vaseline treatment) I didn't mentioned for how long I used it I see that now- it was a period of six months. Sorry for that omission. :)
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As promised, here it is:

Side effects:
I have gotten the following corticosteroid induced side effects from topical corticosteroids(treatments I tried are present bellow):
-teleangiectasia/dilated blood vessels
-skin stretched because of edema(but no stretch marks)

First, after visiting numerous doctors and not getting one single treatment, I went to a herbalist and was recommended to pour some oak tree bark tea daily over the affected area for a period of three months and to change the food I ate. Mostly I ate healthy foods (you can message me for details because the list is somewhat long). The tannin and changed diet did not produce the desired results (the tannin in the oak tree bark was supposed to produce a vasoconstricting effects and food was supposed to give enough nutrients to my body without hindering the effects of the tea). Although this metod did not produce the desired effect it wasn't bad and unhealthy, it made me lose a few pounds and, as far as I know, it is good to be used for hemorrhoids. :)

Second, as I had no luck offline for finding a cure, I went online to ask people through forums (a good idea! - try it if you haven't already) a very kind and caring doctor advised me online to use the following treatment:
-talcum (baby powder) application to the the affected area in the morning
-panthenol cream in the evening
-vaseline before bed and leave it to stay at night
Again this treatment was supposed to be used for corticosteroid induced atrophy, but in my case it did not produce the desired healing effects.

Next, I'll try using vitamin E oil and/or placental creme. I am also considering using Vivida oraly/topically. You can google it for it's curing effects on corticosteroid induced atrophy. I am not sure if I have atrophy, but I guess it can't hurt to try.

At the end, I encourage you again as in my previous message to share your story and treatments and would like to point out that anyone of these treatments is just an option which you should consult with your doctor before using it. As Sophocles said in Antigone: "There is no greater evil than a man's failure to consult and to consider."

Take care and I wish good health to you all
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