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Hello -

I went to my dermatologist 3 weeks ago as I thought I may have had 3 warts around the lower shaft (although I have had a few girlfriends this year, I don't have any specific reason to think I have been exposed to warts).  He checked me over and dismissed one as a small mole, one as a hair follicle, and the third he wasn't entirely sure, said it could be a wart.  Prior to my appt I tried the vinegar test and the bump in question did not react.  The bump is very small, slightly reddish.  Perhaps an inflamed follicle, minus a hair, but I don't know.  I also can't say how long it has been there.

He froze the bump in question and the top layer of skin pealed off over the next week or so, but the bump didn't change or go away.  I returned this morning to the dermatologist and he said he could freeze it again, but could also scrap it.  He used a small device with a tiny loop to scrap at the bump.  

The scraping didn't feel good, and he was digging trying to get it, but it seemed like it wasn't coming off.  The area was red afterwards and he thought he got it.  I got home to check it out, and he really just irritated this bump, didn't remove it at all.

Should I further pursue the removal of this?  Is the reason the freezing didn't "work" was that the bump is really just part of me, a follicle, scar of some sort, something?  The dermatologist wasn't overly concerned, so i don't want to keep pushing an issue that might self resolve, or is no worry, etc.


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I understand your concern, but I'm afraid I can't add much to give you certainty.  Warts can be dormant for years, so it doesn't mean much whether you've had girlfriends lately. On the other hand, these bumps don't sound like much from the way you describe them.  The problem with just treating them without being sure is that leaves you with doubts that can't be put to rest.  I think you have no choice but to call your dermatologist and out him on the spot, to commit one way or the other, or to do a biopsy if he's not sure.  Either way, if the bumps are gone, there's not much practical difference at this point, as there's nothing to do once the bumps are removed.

Dr. Rockoff
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