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Truth about MCV

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1&2:  Molluscum goes away on its own in an average of 9 months.  Of course, it may last less or more.
3:  I don;t know and don't think anyone does.
4: Very low.  I often see patients with HPV get recurrences, but can recall few with recurrent molluscum.
5: Not that I know of.
6: I don't think you need to be concerned.
7: No statistics I know of.  He'll just have to get past the concern if he can.
8: I don't know.
9: I don't know of any connection with sun.  I think you're better off taking care in the sun and having a doctor keep an eye on your moles.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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Maybe you have seen my messages before.  I somehow contracted molluscum.  I have had it 7 months that I know of, at least was aware I had something other than a common pimple.  I have been treated with cryo, acid, and Aldara.  Last month, they came back to almost the same spot they were first frozen off on the front of my thigh(I think they may have started on my face, but have had them several places now-stomach, waist line, genital, backside, back of my thighs, possibly back).  The first were removed by cryo in June (but they started in May), the second by acid.  I also had quite a few more burned off my last treatment-Aldara just didn't do it.  I think I have now had 3 acid treatments, and even though it hurts, I felt relief. I am still getting them, and really see no end in sight...I hope that remark doesn't make you feel worse.  I have been to a dermatologist, but had most of them removed by a GYN.  I think women tend to see their GYN before a dermatologist in the genital area, and my GYN says she is seeing a lot of it.  She has talked to dermatologists and have been told there isn't too much you can do about it.  I have not had a date since April.  Have not had sex in almost a year now.  I feel that until I get this skin problem under control that my social life, at least with males is on hold. It sounds as if yours went away...you are fortunate....good luck.
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