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Ulcer in my elbow that won't heal?

Hi and thanks for your help.
Before starting I would like to say that english isn't my first language, so I would like to apologize for the mistakes I made writing this.
In October of the last year I had some strange skin disease, some blisters started to appear on my body in a few spots, I had 2 near my right elbow, 1 on my left and 1 on each of my legs, so it wasn't an specific area. After a few days this blisters turned into ulcers that took a long time to heal (the areas where they appeared were very itching). After seeing that they were getting bigger I went to the dermatologist and they did a biopsy of the leisure. The results didn't show any symptoms of an specific infection and they told me it was spongiotic dermatitis. After some time, some of them healed, but I still have one that doesn't heal.

Now the symptoms:
- Itchiness around the area
- Painless
- Odorless
- Some Swelling
- Exudate
- No inflamation
- Darker skin around the area


In the first picture you can see the exudate liquid, the leisure and the last one, it's the one in my leg healed.

The strangest thing is that sometimes the ones that are "healed" start to itch and this areas swell up just for a few hours or one day and then the next everything is back to normal.

I'm a second year medicine student and I was doing some reading by myself, but I didn't find anything that would fit with these symptoms and obviously my knowledge isn't enough, so thanks for your help again
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