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Uneven skin tone

I have had acne treatment by roaccutance nearly 2 yrs back...although i have a dark complexion but i have an uneven skin tone.  It is darker around lips and forehead and sort of lighter on my cheeks, where there are acne scars ....Is there some thing that can give me an even tone.
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Yeah, try Conchar Nacar. It's a latin mask made from oyter shell. Great stuff. Use it like 2x a week. It will also help impurities on your skin. Make sure that you mix it before applying. It's a weird texture and looks like oatmeal when you put it on. But I have always used for a mask.

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Acne scarring results when the visible remnants of acne are left on the skin after the acne itself subsides. The best way of treating acne scars is to start early. There are some treatments available for this condition. By using topical treatments prescribed by your dermatologists, such as biological acne scarring treatment where in the old, damaged tissues and scars are replaced by new cells. On the other hand, dermabrasion,  a cosmetic medical procedure that removes the surface of sun-damaged skin by abrasion and lessen scars and dark spots on the skin.

Laser therapy, chemical peels, and subcision are other alternatives that you could discuss with your doctor.

Take care and regards.
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Thank you, I have had 2-3 sitting of yag laser n dye star laser but i still have marks and the scars are the same. No improvement. I started that very early. :(
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